Do not forget to secure your garage too

We think a lot about the security of our homes, but have you ever thought that we keep some of our most expensive items in our garage such as a car, bicycles, tools, boats and other things too big or too dirty for the home. Preventing unwanted people from getting into your garage is quite important, but most people do not give too much thought to garage security.

Think about expanding the home security system to ensure that it also extends to the whole of the garage. When the alarm is activated and an unwanted visitor enters the garage area, you want to know about it immediately so you can prevent theft or call the police and catch the thief in action.

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Be sure to repair any damage that might be weakening the door or switch to a brand-new high-security garage door. For Garage Door Repairs Bristol, visit a site like Up and Over, a leading Garage Door Repairs Bristol firm.

Make sure your garage has bolt-type locks. Most garage doors come with cylinder locks which are mostly child’s play for thieves these days so make sure you have a bolt as well. If you are going or have a garage door that will not be used for some time, then you can consider getting a door defender. It is a metal plate bolted to the concrete with a large rubber and metal stopper that stops the door from opening. They also make a great visual deterrent and take time to break through.

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On opening your garage door, you should ideally have motion detector lights. If not, then you should consider installing them as an add-on.

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