Could You Be Allergic to Sex?

Did you know that you can have an allergy to sex? Yes, there is a condition called human seminal plasma hypersensitivity, and although it is rare, it does have a number of symptoms that are worth knowing about. Here are the main ones which doctors use to diagnose the condition.

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A Burning Feeling

Some people experience redness, burning, blisters and swelling after their partner ejaculates. However, these symptoms can be caused by a range of things, including STIs, so it’s important to speak to your doctor for a correct assessment. Known as seminal plasma hypersensitivity, around only 20,000-40,000 cases have been identified worldwide. Your doctor will also rule out other causes, which can involve reactions to tampons or condoms.

An Itchy Feeling

Most women assume that they have a yeast infection when their vagina is itchy. However, this can also be another sign of a semen allergy, especially if there is no discharge and the itching only occurs after sex. Hives can also be a sign of the condition. Remember to always use condoms when you sleep with a new partner to avoid infections. You can get Free Condoms in Greenwich.


If you begin to experience painful symptoms when you sleep with a new partner, that could be the sign that you’ve had a reaction to this person. Again, speak to your doctor to find a way to reach a correct diagnosis. Try using a condom to see if the problem disappears. Remember that if you break out with painful redness, soreness or swelling after using a condom, then you are likely to be suffering from a latex allergy. This is easily treated by switching to non-latex condoms. Find out more at

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Breathing Problems

Struggling to breathe when you are getting down to business with your partner? In some rare cases, a semen allergy can cause breathing difficulties that feel like an asthma attack!

Oral Symptoms

Another way that doctors can diagnose a semen allergy is if oral sex causes similar problems such as swelling, pain, blistering and redness in the mouth. This shows that the body is allergic to your partner’s ejaculate proteins and is reacting in a consistent way.

In all instances, the quickest course of action is to visit your GP or GUM clinic and get a professional assessment of your condition.

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