Cheltenham Borough Council Draws Up ‘Place Vision’ – But What Do Residents Want?

Cheltenham Borough Council’s “place vision” includes aims for the community to thrive in terms of health and wellbeing, housing, culture and creativity and businesses and workforce. Although the town boasts some of the UK’s most prosperous areas, it is also home to some places in the most-deprived category.

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Younger People

One concern is that the number of young people may fall in the future. It has been predicted that there will be proportionately more people over the age of 65 than those under 18 living in Cheltenham by 2029. Many of the flats for sale in Cheltenham are beyond the reach of younger people, and there is a dearth of high-quality rented accommodation with secure tenancies that younger people find affordable.

According to the Office for National Statistics, the UK population will continue ageing, with over a twelfth of the population being aged 80 or more by mid-2039.

Right to Manage Companies

More housing that meets the needs of Cheltenham residents may be provided through the creation of Right to Manage companies. Setting up an RTM Company allows owners of flats within a building to manage the flats themselves, taking responsibility for maintenance and repairs, service charges and insurance.

There are certain requirements in order to set up an RTM company. A minimum of 66% of the property has to be let to qualifying tenants who are leaseholders with leases that were granted originally for a term of over twenty-one years. A minimum of two flats must be included in the property, and any commercial use must not occupy more that 25% of the total floor space. These requirements may seem complicated, but a professional company such as will be able to provide advice to investors considering the option.

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Cheltenham Borough council claims it has already helped more people to buy or rent accommodation that meets their needs and is committed to continuing with this.

Important projects in the strategy include the Inspiring Families Project and the Midsummer Fiesta. Residents have stated that they enjoy living in this lovely area, and they are anxious that the council’s vision includes keeping the town a safe and welcoming place to live and work in. Accessibility is also high on the agenda of both the council and local residents.

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