Best Suspension for Your 4 x 4

If you’re in Australia, and should you be planning on making a purchase of new shocks for your lovely 4×4 vehicle, there are a number of things to think about and consider to make pretty sure that you get what you need, and the best out there. The most important factor in determining which are the very best for your motor is simply what will be the intended use of the vehicle in the future, plus the quality of the product.


Suspension modifications and tyre sizes are also essential determining factors in the purchase of any type of shock package. You will also have to decide if the shocks will be required to fall under manufacturer’s guidelines for warranty replacement. Conclusively, performance, warranty and aesthetic appeal are surpassed only by cost for many customers looking to get the best 4×4 shocks for their vehicle.

Quality Counts

Shock absorbers are responsible for both the handling aspects as well as the quality of the ride of any vehicle. When you decide to choose the best 4×4 shocks, don’t go out there and just take the cheapest if possible, at least be prepared for WA suspension in Perth, to pay a little extra for a better quality performance, durability and endurance.

Where to Go

For 4 x 4 that will see primary usage on public motorways, shocks that assist in the stability of the vehicle during sudden turns, as well as fast changing road conditions, are usually the best choice. Should it be that the vehicle will see most of its operating time off-road, a shock that efficiently dampens sharp, sudden bumps and holes will certainly prove to be the perfect option.

Ask the Experts

The application of extreme or even subtle suspension modifications in the form of suspension lifts, can dramatically affect the performance of a 4 x 4’s shocks. With the installation of the wrong length shock on a raised vehicle, the 4 x 4 will operate with the shock absorber already stretched to its full capacity. This may cause the vehicle to lift wheels off of the ground prematurely and give the driver less control of the vehicle, as well as a more uncomfortable ride. The best suspension will commonly function in the middle of its travel range while the vehicle is riding flat and level. West Coast Suspensions are a professional outfit who’ve been around for near on a century, they offer a first class service with first class products – check ‘em out!


There are many various kinds of levels of 4×4 shocks out there on the market. Some of these shocks can ultimately cost you as much as a second hand car and are suitable for all performance vehicles. These kind of shocks can be rebuilt and customized for each individuals taste of vehicle performance and ground surface type. But don’t forget, however, in most cases, they are not intended for everyday use. The best 4×4 shocks for most people will give the best performance in both handling and performance on a day to day basis.

In Suspension?

Better to be on it than in it! Do yourself a favour and get that smooth ride sorted!

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