Bathroom Ideas for Families with Children

When it comes to planning a family bathroom, there are different people’s needs that must be taken into account. The room needs to be a practical, functional and flexible space that everyone can access easily but you’ll also want to consider making it attractive to visitors and potential buyers too. A family bathroom gets a lot of use, so you’ll be looking for durable furniture and accessories that aren’t too fragile. Depending on how big your family is, you might also be looking for plenty of clever storage space built into the design.

Here are some handy tips for making your bathroom the serene, clean dream that you envision:

If you have young children, you would benefit from a double ended bath, especially if you need to wash more than one child at a time. Both ends have taps and there are no arguments about who gets washed first! If you don’t like the thought of taps at each end, it’s a good idea to fit a back-wall bath filler that sits centrally and avoids the risk of young children coming into contact with hot water. You’ll also benefit from not having any annoying taps to clean and wipe behind!

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When it comes to little children and hot water, for peace of mind, consider installing a thermostatic safety device to regulate the temperature of the water.

Did you know that you can get bath tubs that come in a P-shape? This allows you a handy space for showering but combined with a nice extended area for relaxing in the tub. Whilst a fixed showerhead looks stylish, you might want to consider having an extra handheld shower that can be used for washing down tiles easily and for hosing down those little people in your family. For Bathroom Suites Northern Ireland, visit

If you have a roomy bathroom, why not think about installing two sinks instead of the traditional single unit? Morning routines will become a lot less stressful when more than one person can brush their teeth at a time. Lever taps are another great idea as they are much easier for children to operate independently.

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As for the toilet, ideally you’ll want to opt for a soft-closing lid to avoid the banging of a dropped lid and to protect little fingers too. A wall-hung or back-to-wall toilet will be quick and easy for you to clean, which is very important when you’re running after little ones all day!

Heated towels rails and small children often don’t mix well either, as they can pose a burn risk when running at full capacity. Perhaps consider underfloor heating as an alternative to keeping your bathroom warm and cosy, without the risk.

For young children who can’t be left unattended in the bathroom, think about incorporating useful storage places so everything you need is close at hand. Things that need storing include potties, towels, sink step, toilet paper, flannels and baby wipes for example. Oh, and don’t forget the toy net to keep toys tidy and organised and a non-slip bath mat is essential.

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