All About Multi-Tools

Some tools are an absolute must if you plan to be doing work around the home or in the garage. Here we look at the reasons why all toolboxes should contain a multi-tool. Joining up more than one purpose into one tool has been a practice since man first began making tools, it makes jobs more efficient and streamlined for one. It wasn’t until as late as 1984 though, that a guy named Tim Leatherman created the original ‘Pocket Survival Tool’ which became a commercially available category of tools.

The very first model was a pair of pliers which could fold up like a knife making the tool nicely compact and safe to store in a pocket. The handles were used to hold knife blades and screwdrivers. The product has come a long way since then and are more efficient and streamlined than ever but most multi-tools available today have their roots in the ‘Pocket Survival Tool’.

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What types are available?

General Purpose or aimed at certain jobs – These tools contain the standard pliers, knife and screwdriver but also feature other useful tools geared towards a specific purpose or job. They will be more attractive to those people who need to use those specific tools. Depending on what tools form part of the item, they could be purchased by electricians, motor technicians or for general purpose home DIY. Some multi-tools are very profession or job orientated such as some specialised power-assisted multi-tools.

General Purpose/Full-Size – The majority of commercially available multi-tools will fall into this section. They all serve a similar purpose but are distinguishable by their unique features, cost, production quality and ease of transportation. For all your tool needs, visit an online DIY store like gofix direct

Keychain – A smaller version designed to fit on a set of keys. Unobtrusive and highly portable, the idea is to be able to put your hand on the tool you need straight away. Ideal for smaller tasks but possibly not sturdy enough for tough DIY jobs or specialist work. This is the perfect choice for having at home to deal with those niggly problems that arise from time to time.

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How to choose a multi-tool

For those in a specific profession, you will most likely already know which style of multi-tool will be best suited for your daily work. However, for home DIY, it might be more of challenge knowing which one to buy. First to consider is how much you either like to do or not when it comes to repairs and home projects. If you enjoy getting to the bottom of a problem and identifying what’s gone wrong, then you’ll benefit from a full-size general purpose multi-tool. Most tools in this category can be handy for small to medium home or motor repairs.

For any serious job, the use of a specially designed single purpose tool is always recommended but for little jobs and exploratory work, this ‘jack of all trades’ tool is ideal. Choosing full-size multi-tool means some consideration to where you will need to use it and how often. A full-size is a good option if you plan to keep it at home or in the car. Choose a keychain tool if you need general purpose and comfortable carrying.

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