The two main religious celebrations throughout the year for Christians and Jews.

For Christians, the two main religious celebrations throughout the year are Christmas and Easter.  The birth of Jesus is celebrated in December and families remember when a baby was born in a lowly stable, surrounded by Sheep, cattle, a donkey, three wise men, shepherds and his mother and father, Mary and Joseph. Watching over everything the Angel Gabriel, keeping Jesus and his parents safe from King Herod.  Christians send each other cards and presents to memorialise the gifts of Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh from the three Wise Men and the baby lamb from the shepherds.

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For the Jewish religion one of their main festivals is Rosh Hashanah when they celebrate the new year, usually in September, a time when sins can be cleansed and forgiven.  This is a very special two-day festival when families get together to eat special foods and pray.  Just like Christians who send each other Christmas cards and presents in December, the Jewish families send each other Rosh hashanah cards from a specialist company such as  .  Easter for Christians is another time of the year when cards and gifts are sent to family and friends, to remember when Jesus died on a cross and rose again three days later.  Hanukkah, celebrated by the Jewish community in November or December is often called the Festival of Lights.

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This very special celebration includes lighting a Menorah, a beautiful candelabra holding nine coloured candles.  The Jewish families again come together to eat specific foods and celebrate by exchanging cards and gifts.

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