Are there any places left where you can’t use a mobile phone?

The use of mobile phones are now so universal it’s becoming virtually impossible to find anywhere you can block them out. There are libraries and there are certainly social functions where you can’t use them but in general everyone is very happy to have their phones out the second they get the chance. It’s an act that we all need to do, the desperate need to go on to so that you can look up vodafone store near me has to be answered.

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The theatre is another place as well as the Cinema. There should be a law against it in fact. There is a line of argument that states all phones should be submitted on arrival when you buy a ticket so that there is no chance you can be called. It’s not enough to put it on silent or turn it off.

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There is one place where you cannot use a mobile phone. It’s patrolled by one of the most grumpy Diner owners the world has ever seen. Yes the man has a heart of gold beneath the gruff and unkempt exterior but he is certainly adamant that the “No Cell Phones” sign that he has put up is strictly adhered to. There is but one exception to this rule. It is the force of nature that is his girlfriend (now wife, finally). We are, of course, talking about the great Luke Daines and his famous DIner in Stars Hollow. The burgers are great and the last thing that he wants is phone calls every 5 minutes.

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