Thinking about putting the Christmas tree? Here are some tips to put the perfect tree

Once Halloween and All Saints have passed, it is time to fix our decorative attention on the next big party marked on the calendar: Christmas. And what would Christmas be without the traditional trees?

There are natural, artificial, classic, modern, wood, metal … not to mention the decorative style you want to give it. In white, in red, gold, silver, blue, with garlands, candles .. Today, and by the hand of Muy Mucho , we want to give you a few keys so that you have the Christmas tree that you have always dreamed of.

The first. Choose where you want to place it . The tree is the protagonist of the house during Christmas, so you must choose a visible place where you can enjoy it. There are houses in which the tree is mounted in the hall, in the dining room, in the children’s room, on the porch or in the garden, but without a doubt, the preferred place is the living room.

Second, decide the size . This point, you will be determined especially by the place where you will locate it. The most successful is that the tree is in proportion to the space you have. Remember that when you finish decorating it, the tree will increase in visual volume.

The next step will be to choose the style . The best thing is that you bet on a style that goes with the decoration of the place where you are going to put it. Think about what colors, textures and decorations you want to use.

Once you have assembled the tree, it is time to put on the lights . At this point, it is important that you illuminate both the exterior and the interior of the tree. It is best to place the garland from top to bottom, starting with the inside of the branches and then pulling them outwards. To check that the lights are well distributed, you can turn on the lights before continuing to decorate.

After placing the lights, the next step will be to place the large zigzag balls , to achieve an aesthetic and orderly composition. Next, place the selection of ornaments you have ready for the tree. Distribute them in a uniform way, trying that colors, sizes and materials are well distributed.

When placing the ornaments, remember to reserve the front and the top of the tree for those prettier and special. After placing these ornaments, it is time to place the smaller balls to fill the empty spaces.

To finish, place the garlands , from top to bottom, surrounding the tree. Place empty packages wrapped with gift paper at the foot of the tree to cover your base.

Finally, you only need to crown the tree with a star or with any special motive to match the style you have given the tree, and make the ignition before the whole family.

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