Should I replace my Fascia?

How do you know when it’s time to replace your fascia and soffits? You probably haven’t given them much thought as they sit there, year in, year out, doing their work with little maintenance. However, don’t overlook them completely as they are integral to a property’s structure. Fascia and soffits serve to prevent water, damp and condensation from entering your home. Without them, you would no end of trouble with your roof, guttering and roof tiles!

What are the signs that mine need replacing?

Have a good look and if you notice any of the following signs then it might be time to contact a professional such as for advice on UPVC Fascia Boards:

  • Do you have evidence of animal damage? Animals and rodents like rats, mice and squirrels are a pain to get rid of once they have found an opening and set up camp in your roof space. They can make it through the smallest of gaps so if you can hear scurrying or find droppings then this could be a sign that your roof is deteriorating.
  • Do you suspect asbestos is visible in your roof space? If so, you’ll need to contact a specialist to investigate the area.
  • Are you noticing condensation or damp? A lack of adequate ventilation in the roof space could be a tell-tale sign of damage that needs repairing or replacing.
  • Are there any soft spots in the wood? Any softness in timber is a sign of potential rot which could lead to holes appearing in the structure.
  • Obvious signs of wear and tear indicating the age of the fascia, such as cracking or flaking paint.
  • Any sign of water in the roof void is not good and should be dealt with professionally.

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When you should consider replacing:

  • A lot depends on the current condition of the roof and the materials that previous fascia and soffits were made from.
  • Older properties will need to be checked regularly or a home that has chosen timber for the fascia and soffits. If they have been in place for many years, then weather and age take their toll and they might not be performing to the best of their ability any longer.
  • If you suspect your fascia might contain asbestos, then it’s essential to call in a specialist. Asbestos poses no danger when it’s left in place but becomes highly harmful when broken or moved. Never attempt disposing of asbestos yourself.
  • Don’t ignore cracks or visible holes as your bill will only get bigger if you end up with water damage in your roof space.
  • Don’t ignore animal infestation either as the longer they inhabit, the more damage they can cause.

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