Nordic, industrial, ethnic … Dare to mix styles with these combinations!

Variety is the spice and the world of decoration as well. No matter if you cannot decide between Nordic, industrial, rustic or ethnic environments, because you can mix styles and get good results, with personality and pleasure. We give some clues to these examples, to help you in your next goal: to achieve a combination of balanced trends in your home.

Betting on Rustic Neo

The rustic neo environments emerged with a clear intention, stay with the best of rustic decor and Nordic. A priori, it might seem strange, but the fact is that traditional elements such as wooden beams or stone walls fit seamlessly into a Scandinavian atmosphere. In the latter case, the decorative platelets are a great idea.

Opt for white, also contrasted greatly with materials like wood, especially in the floor or ceiling. Furthermore, it is also interesting to include some more modern copper – based pieces, for example, in lighting.


Retro modern environments

The retro decor became fashionable for some time. Lovers 50, 60 and 70 filled their houses with furniture style armchair. But what if I want my house to look with retro touches, but still be present? Very simple, mix the furniture, lamps, side tables, among others, with more modern finishes and it incorporates floors porcelain imitating wood, stone or painted panels with geometric motifs for your walls and textiles to mix trendy colors like mustard or gray papers.

Nordic and industrial shake hands

Is it possible to get the Nordic environments having industrial touches? Yes, well, it’s an excellent choice How to achieve this? Using simplicity in furniture, you know that the Scandinavian style prefers less functional. Do not lean stays, but try to include the same materials as iron. Through lamps, for example, or in enclosures in your windows or walls as for the colors, shades committed few and always with a clear white base on your walls.

You can also add industrial touches on a Nordic cuisine. Mix meter tile in your walls with a metal plate in the area in which the cooking plate is located or fires.

Ethnic brushstrokes in rustic settings

These two styles are very comfortable together why? Mainly because many of the materials used in both are shared, such as wood or rattan furniture, for example. To combine them, committed warm colors like brown and includes some riskier touch with dark walls.

An excellent option is to include elements of natural fibers. Nothing better to show that your living room is a rustic ethnic lounge that adding a rug hand – stitched and made of jute.

Nordic tropical touches in decor

Although the Nordic decoration is characterized by white walls, it is not forbidden, much less, add a little color to them. If you want to also give a twist and introduce elements of the tropical decor, you can place painted with green patterned papers.

The textile here is also key given that the Nordic style adds color to their environments through this element; fail to include prints Caribbean on your sheets, blankets, and cushions.

Kitchens with a rustic-industrial touch

It is a balanced combination that will warm kitchens, very rustic places, but with a touch Industrial How? Opting for more traditional materials in floors and walls, as exposed brick or mud floor, the wood must be present in kitchen furniture, but can be combined seamlessly with steel countertops and range hoods large industrial character.

Retroelements, colors, and light

This type of decoration has its own name, decor California, but also arises from the unification of various styles. Here are some eclectic touches, by the indiscriminate use of color and prints, and hints of retro decor, through the sixties and seventies furniture with taste. The prints could be, well, taken from a sample of tropical decor, so the mixture is assured.

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