Nine tricks to leave the refrigerator as new and keep it clean after the holidays

There are seasons in which the refrigerators are used to the full and carambola are made to enter very characteristic dishes of holidays and elaborated with extreme care. After the trot that suffer these electrical appliances comes the tranquility and also the accumulated dirt (let’s face it) splashes, containers with the leftovers of food and “some” almost empty. If your fridge after the holidays is a chaos you can pull the nine tricks that will return order and cleanliness in the kitchen .

1- Create a workspace in the kitchen

The first thing is to open space on countertops, islands or dining table will help you to organize everything outside the refrigerator ( first step empty ).

2- Remove all food and drinks from the refrigerator interior

In good or bad condition you have to remove everything that contains the appliance. To have a good finish and cleanliness there can be no bottles, briks and other products at the time of cleaning will be a hindrance to the task.

3- Remove additional trays, racks and drawers

The dishwasher (if it includes the kitchen) may help to solve the cleaning of some parts inside the refrigerator others not so lucky should be cleaned by hand and under water .

4- Deep cleaning of all surfaces

Getting a deep cleaning is armed with patience because in the corners and gums of thermal insulation tend to remain traces of dust, food and drops of liquid.

The cleaning products for the interior of a refrigerator range from a neutral soap , little soapy to lighten the task, to specific products , just like an oven has them. In this case it is advised; the oldest cleaner we know in the kitchen, vinegar, mixed with hot water before using chemical products that put our health at risk, better resort to traditional and effective tricks .

To begin with, it is very convenient to use a vacuum cleaner and drag leaves, fruit hairs and peels or the land of vegetables.

5- Reorganize your clean space

The positive energy also thrives inside a refrigerator, trying to move the products , which were previously on the right or on the left, gives the sensation of launching a new appliance. You can see how pleasant sensations flow inside a refrigerator or, on the contrary, there are some refrigerators that encourage you to close your door again.

6- Get rid of spoiled or out-of-date food

After the expiration date and if you know that they will not be consumed, it is best to discard those foods that will give a very bad smell to the refrigerator and can spread bacteria inside such an important appliance.

7- Put groceries in order

The height and kind of food or drinks must be taken into account to unify criteria. The sauces, jams and jars of glass can be unified in groups and bottles, tall containers in another place. While the yogurts, dairy and chocolates in another different area.

However, we must remember that the higher and wider spaces can be used for larger pots and pans, the ideal is to have those spaces reserved.

The reward of the effort of having put in order the interior of the refrigerator is the fast location of what you need when you open the refrigerator and the healthiness achieved.

8 Avoid bad odors

The charcoal eliminates odors and excess moisture. A pot with baking soda fights odors and is antiseptic . A cup with coffee beans or the juice of half a lemon with cloves are effective to fight them.

9- Procure fresh food

An important premise for not accumulating unnecessary food inside the refrigerator is to ensure that not everything that is purchased in the grocery stores should go inside it. A trick that will make the fridge more clear is to avoid introducing foods that do not really require cold .

The appliance will consume less energy if the temperature it needs is lower. Storing in a kitchen cabinet the products that do not belong inside the appliance facilitates this saving.

Everyone has their hobbies at the time of ordering and advanced knowledge in tetris are of great help. A clean refrigerator is the image of an excellent home .

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