Do I Need a Garage?

There are many benefits to adding a garage to your home if you do not already have one. Not only can you store vehicles there, but it can be a valuable extra space for anything you want to use it for. Some people even build living spaces above their garages. This space is great for entertaining guests or can serve as a games room for your children. Depending on your needs and budget, the addition may require additional construction steps, such as hardwood flooring or architectural details. For details on Oak Garages, visit

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Many prospective buyers are drawn to the idea of a garage. The extra space helps to protect their cars from inclement weather. While the use of a garage will vary, it will likely add 20% to your home’s value. Some neighbourhoods are prohibited from allowing street parking, which may make it necessary for you to park your vehicle in a garage in which case, having a garage becomes a real commodity.

Garages are an essential part of home improvement projects. They add square footage and can even add to the value of your home. And, they can protect your car from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays and these rays can damage paint. Additionally, the garage provides shade for your car, making the interior more comfortable. While it’s not a necessity, parking your car outside can cause problems with its interior. Extreme heat can affect your vehicle’s interior. Similarly, the fabric used to hold fabric together may break apart if the temperature is too high.

One major reason people build a garage is to extend their living space. For growing families, space is at a premium and modern homes can be a bit tight on the space side. A garage can be used for all manners of things, from converting into an extra bedroom to a home office for those working from home or running their own business. Perhaps you’ve always wanted a home gym or a place to tinker with motorbikes or doing up old cars, for example.

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The other benefits of having a garage are numerous. The space is essential for the storage of items that aren’t needed often, such as seasonal items and tools, for example. For DIYers and those with messy hobbies, turning a garage space into a workshop is ideal as it keeps the clutter and noise outside the living area of the home.


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