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After achieving the success of Aviator RayBan had to launch new products. The height of popularity aviator has reached to the sky and it has also make company to lime light. Aviator was mostly found in the metal frame only and because of this reason Aviator is being avoided by some portion of sunglass user because metal are not suited to every skin. Plastic is newly choice in the range of sunglasses. This need has been satisfied by Wayfarers named sunglasses. Wayfarers are new range of RayBan which is subsidizing company of Bausch and Lomb at time of launch of Wayfarers.

Design of Wayfarer:                                              

Glasses named wayfarer are designed by Raymond Stegeman who was chief optical designer of the Bausch and Lomb and have design many successful patents for this company. These sunglasses have new radical shape. The frame was typical trapezoidal curvature. This frame was making personality like acuteness of person who wears it. The stripe was broad and strong which makes frame virile look. This was made of plastics so there were no such extra weights like of metal one. This set new era of plastics sunglasses.  These plastic sunglasses have no competitors in market as it was developed in era of metal sunglasses.

Popularity of Wayfarer:

The heart thrashing plastic sunglasses have cover market and defined new business strategy. But late of 1970 was period of slow down for the plastic sunglasses named wayfarer as films star have accepted it so came growth in sales again, but did not survive for long and again slowdown has continue for this glasses.  Some promotional deal has made come back for wayfarer. RayBan has made many promotional deals in Bollywood films to promote its products and specially wayfarer. This has increased use of all kind of entertainment tycoons starting from American Television series to Bollywood films and this craze has not left Hollywood’s pop star and leading band members. Some of star has to started trends of wearing sunglasses at night which was none other than plastic wayfarer. This made sunglasses as choices of the decade and increase sell growth and make to millions of pieces sold.

Benefits of wayfarer:

There were many benefits of Rayban Wayfarer as mainly it was very less weight as because of it was made from plastic so it was having no problem in wearing it for long hours. This make face without stress and gives protection to the eyes as according to the structural design of this glasses. This frame has design so after Aviator shape frame that all benefits of Aviator and extra benefit of more eyeball curvature and plastic body. There has many ups and down in the usage and sells of this glasses but from few design to almost forty design is available in the market today because of its popularity and large scale of demand in all age of sunglasses user.  Trends of this frame will continue still as of long range of design is available in market.

David Marron is student of medical in university of California and write article on eye care and protection.

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