Occupational Health in the UK

Occupational Health  specifically deals with work-related injury and illness and ways in which they can be prevented. Occupational health rules deal with the prevention and management of illness and health problems resulting from work.

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It is governed by in depth legislation that a Occupational Health Wales company such as Insight Occupational health can help you to interpret for your particular business sector. Depending on the type of work that you do there may be other legislations that are important for you to follow. By using a professional company like the one mentioned you can ensure that you are doing what is right to ensure the safety of the health and wellbeing of all your staff.

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An injury at work can be a serious problem but some can be easily dealt with and prevented at work. Maintaining clean and safe working environments is important so that employees can work safely. A clean and safe workplace should always be free of dust, clutter, sharp objects and dangerous equipment such as power drills or other dangerous devices. All workers must wear protective clothing such as goggles and gloves whenever they are working on difficult jobs such as cutting, drilling or sawing. It is necessary to ensure that safety equipment such as eye protection is in use and available at work. In addition, if there is a spill, clean-up must be immediately started so that contamination does not affect anybody’s health.


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