Your guide to home security essentials

You work hard to keep a nice home and the last thing you want is to have unwanted guests getting in a taking your valued possessions. To ensure that you don’t fall prey to burglars there are lots of solutions to make your home unappealing to someone looking for a house to break into. So here are some home security essentials for you to consider.

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Door and window locks

You should review the door locks on not just your front door but on any other doors giving access into your home. You should have door locks fitted by a professional fitter including companies like  Emergency Locksmith in Cheltenham and choose the best locks that your budget allows. Most insurance companies will insist on minimum standards for locks and so check your home insurance policy for guidance to ensure that you are fully covered should you have a break-in. Some Companies are vetted and can handle call outs from the Police so its important to pick the right business for you.

Window locks are also an important part of home security and not just on the ground floor either. If your windows don’t have locks, they can be retrofitted to give you peace of mind. The Guardian suggests that locks are crucial if you do have to make a claim on your insurance to ensure a successful outcome.

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Burglar alarms

For peace of mind when you leave your house or when you are asleep, burglar alarms are an integral part of an all round home security system. Motion sensors installed around your house will alert you to someone entering without authorisation.
General advice

There are also lots of things that you can do which require no financial outlay at all. Join your local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme and display their stickers in your front windows. This will demonstrate to burglars that you have given consideration to your home security and they will walk on by. Keep your front garden neat and tidy and pick up any free newspapers and leaflets that may have been left on your doorstep. If these are left to pile up they act as an invitation to burglars as they assume no one is home. Finally, if you are going out make sure you close and lock your windows and doors even if you are just popping round to a neighbour for a cup of tea.

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