Winter Roof Maintenance

A tough winter can lead to numerous problems on a roof, so staying in control of roof maintenance is essential. Long snowfall and regular build-ups of ice will slowly see the roof began to erode, where gaps and holes can start to develop. As the roof becomes more open to the elements of nature, all year round, it will need ongoing regular checks to ensure it remains in excellent condition. Whether this roof is at home or on a construction site, poor maintenance can increase the likelihood of people getting injured, so it is important to regularly check your roof to identify any issues that might be developing.

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Potential roofing risks

Snow accumulation: a thick layer of snow, built up over time, potentially could cause significant structural damage and in some cases even cause a roof to collapse. It tends to occur in older properties and outdated structures that have had their fair share of wear and tear. It’s important that you assess the current state of your roof for your own safety.

Risk of Injury: There are many cases where an unexpected injury has occurred as a result of poor roof maintenance, even death. It’s important that you know the correct procedure to clear snow from your roof. As simple as it sounds, there have been times where people have cut ice, which can damage the shingles and gutters. Pushing the snow from the roof into the gutter can also cause cracking and potential leakage problems. Get professional help with all your roofing needs, with a Cheltenham Roofer at a site like

Roof with skylights

Rooves with skylights that are left open in the winter period are bad news, especially when it is icy, raining or snowing heavily. Pressure from setting snow and ice can cause leaks and even shatter the glass. It is most important that your roof is installed and sealed properly with skylights kept clear.

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Clear vents

The snow will always find its way into anything and everything left exposed on the exterior. Ventilation, in particular, should always be kept unblocked and clear at all times. Clogged up or blocked vents can cause poor drainage, unpleasant, long-lasting sewage smells and even present a risk of explosion in some types of buildings. Therefore, it remains imperative to begin any maintenance treatments as soon as cold weather hits to prevent the slow build up and any possible clogging.

For any jobs involving the roof, it’s important to choose a roofing specialist, so that you can ensure that every project is planned and properly installed by a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals.

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