What is an explainer video?

Why do people use explainer videos on their websites?

One of the most useful aspects of including an explainer video is to sell without selling by focusing on supplying information and data. It is a way to concentrate on providing information to your customer rather than focusing on the sales process.

We as consumers are constantly inundated with sales approaches, whether it’s via email, text or social media. An explainer video offers a refreshing approach to jaded consumers, using non-sales language in animated videos. It engages the interest of the visitor to your site, hopefully piquing their interest about your service or product without the hard sell that they are sick of.

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An explainer video can be used to provide information about how a product is used or can be in the form of a troubleshooting guide for those not currently getting the most from the product or service. For Animated Explainer Video, contact https://animationexplainers.com/

Data is another great way to move the focus away from the sales process. It refocuses the attention on information that customers will find useful. Data should be as current as possible, reflect your brand’s purpose and provide details that customers will gain value from. Providing solid and trustworthy data also increases your credibility and trustworthiness as a brand.

The primary purpose of animated videos is to get your customers to react and complete a call-to-action. Although your focus is on information and data, your ultimate aim is still to convert those visits into sales. Explainer videos are a subtler way of achieving this goal, by removing the focus from the sales and conversion process.

To get the full benefit from explainer videos, you must know your customer. You can only offer them something of value if you know what they need. Find out through surveys, enquiries, blog comments etc and then create your animated video around these issues.

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People love a story, and that’s why animated and explainer videos work so well, when they tell a story. Studies have shown that we remember 92% more of the information we are exposed to when we see it in an animated video. This makes animated videos much more effective than other types of video presentation.

You can also include customer testimonials spoken by your animated characters. You can use real examples and real statements but told through the characters in the story. This will engage and capture the attention of your customers far better than other methods if your video is skilfully and professionally put together.

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