Unusual Phobias You Might Not Know Exist

You might be one of the lucky few who doesn’t suffer from any phobias at all. Maybe you have one of the common ones like fear of flying, fear of heights and terrified of spiders? Some people have to live with the strangest fears, which can have a huge impact on their lives. Fear of everyday objects that we see all the time can make life very difficult for the people who suffer from the following phobias:


This is the unfortunate fear of wind which can cause high levels of anxiety for people if they go outside or stand too close to a window. Hand dryers in public toilets and air conditioning units can also set off feelings of panic for sufferers of this debilitating fear. It is thought that the fear stems from a perceived traumatic event that stays in the subconscious.


Thankfully this phobia is very rare but involves a fear of washing, bathing and cleaning one’s self. When it does occur, it is seen more in women and children.

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This is a fear of glass, namely how fragile it is and easily it can break and harm you. This phobia also includes windows so somebody suffering from nelophobia won’t be too keen on standing near or looking out of a window. Glassware in the kitchen is right out, so too are glass ornaments. It seems the fear stems from seeing glass broken or someone falling through a window. There is a further sub-phobia which is spasmenagaliaphobia, a fear of broken glass specifically. Thankfully, with modern double glazing being strong and safe, there’s not much to be afraid of. For Double Glazing Gloucester, visit https://www.firmfix.co.uk/


This is a new fear that has developed since the boom in mobile phone ownership. Nomophobia is the panic associated with being out of signal range on your phone, your phone running out of charge, not having enough credit or losing it completely. This phobia, even though it sounds like a joke, is quite real and on the increase. It is thought that up to 50% of mobile phone users have nomophobia.

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Petrified of string? Then this is what your phobia is called. The fear is born out of a negative experience or association with the item in question.


It’s a shame those drunken relatives at weddings can’t suddenly develop this phobia! The fear of dancing is thought to stem from a generalized fear of social occasions. Extreme cases also make the sufferer terrified of anything or anyone associated with dancing. It often goes hand in hand with the fear of crowds too.


This one sounds made up but is a genuine fear, also known as school phobia. It’s not just used as a convenient excuse either as genuine sufferers are physically and emotionally terrified of attending class. It is more often seen in ages 7-11 and is thought to begin due to separation anxiety in the first years of school. Causes need to be thoroughly examined though to rule out fear being caused by bullying.

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