Tips for troubleshooting TV issues

If your TV is giving you trouble, these tips to help fix common problems will heal your home cinema quickly and effectively.

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Picture Palaver

Most modern televisions are set up fairly well by manufacturers to provide solid picture performance straight out of the box, but if you are not content with the image quality or you find that something has suddenly gone awry, it is sensible to dive into the settings.

Using your remote, you should be able to hit the “menu” button to bring up your main options and select “picture” to make changes. The exact sequence of button presses required will vary from set to set, so check the user manual if you have it available.

If the image looks too dark for your liking, turn up the backlight. This will sometimes be under the “brightness” setting on models from manufacturers such as Sony.

If the colours are too washed-out or seem over-saturated and cartoon-like, an adjustment to the colour temperature is necessary.

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Some TVs will have pre-set colour modes, such as “cool” for a less vibrant and more realistic experience, or “vivid” for hues that pop out at you. Switching between these to find the setting you like the most is sensible.

Pixel Problems

If you have splashed out on a cutting-edge 4K television or find that even your older HD set is not displaying content as crisply as you would expect, remember that it may not be the display itself that is at fault. Make sure that your media player, set top box or games console is connected via HDMI and set to output at the highest possible resolution that is compatible with your TV for best results.

The popularity of 4K-compatible devices suggests that higher-res TVs are more common than ever. However, do not forget to make sure that all those extra pixels are being exploited to their full potential.

Other Upsets

Interruptions to your TV viewing experience can have other external causes, such as a dodgy aerial. If you need new TV aerials in Swansea, getting experts like those at One Vision Swansea aerials to assist you is a good idea, as the work can be challenging.

Constant drop-outs, glitching and even audio issues can be experienced by Freeview users whose aerial is on the blink, so do not suffer in silence.

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