The plug-ins that every WordPress site needs

WordPress is inherently a good platform; however, it is the volume and quality of the plug-ins available that elevate the platform and ensure it is both useful and easily customisable for a wide range of very different requirements.

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Nested Pages

One for websites with a large number of pages, this plug-in ensures Google crawls your website efficiently by helping you to easily structure your site in a way that makes sense.


In this digital age, it is likely that we have all been caught out at least once by a sudden and unexpected loss of data – only to realise there is no backup available. This plug-in will create a backup of every page on your website, which will be invaluable and hugely relieving should anything ever go wrong.

MonsterInsights Google Analytics

Every high-quality Dublin SEO agency, such as, will tell you how important it is to review, interpret and respond to the data your Google Analytics page collates. This plug-in displays analytics information on the WordPress dashboard, leaving teams free to respond to the information as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Login LockDown

Plug-ins that work to ensure that the security of your website is as tight as it can possibly be are superb and you should be making the most of them. Login Lockdown works to protect hacking -should a particular IP launch multiple login attempts, it will be blocked and the integrity of your website will remain intact.

Sucuri WAF

Another plug-in to cover your security needs, this will act as an enhanced firewall to protect your website from malicious requests. It allows you to moderate security threats on a real-time basis without ever harming your website.


If your website is particularly heavy on images, a plug-in that works to compress these images will keep everything running smoothly and prevent page loading times from creeping up and negatively impacting your website’s overall user experience.

Gravity Forms

Forms are particularly useful additions to the contact pages of your website, allowing users to contact you easily should they need any assistance or advice. The creation of forms does not need to be difficult and this plug-in will allow you to drag and drop one onto your website without any hassle.

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