The Mystery of Santa – Star Trek and Time Lord Technology

There are many theories on how Santa gets all around the world in one night, much to the delight of children everywhere – but what technology does he have that allows him to do this?

Well, the two obvious things are the sleigh and the reindeer. Normal reindeer are not capable of flight, so the reindeer that Santa owns are certainly different! There are two theories behind the reindeer – firstly, they are genetically different to other reindeer – so they possess the ability to fly, and at incredibly high speeds! Possibly, their antlers are actually some sort of instrument that allows them to travel through the air Star Trek style – at warp speed!


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Another theory is that they are conventional reindeer, but are fed on a diet of magic dust – a substance not known to humans that seems to give the power of flight to those that consume it. Of course, Mrs Claus and the Elves are the backbone of the operation – not only feeding the reindeer their special diet daily, but also responsible for the festive feel good factor, decorating their grotto with scandi calico Christmas fabrics from and baking a constant stream of cookies, not to mention running the workshop, it is clear that Santa has a great workforce.


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So assuming that the reindeer are capable of flight, the Sleigh itself is another mystery – the billions of children across the world expecting gifts would mean that the size of the sleigh would need to be vast, and it would need to be capable of travelling at the very fast speeds needed without breaking up. So is it all down to the sleigh? It is possible that the sleigh is rocket powered – this would also assist the reindeer pulling the enormous thing through the night sky. Also, keen viewers of Doctor Who may believe that the sleigh uses some sort of TARDIS-like technology to appear smaller on the outside when really it is capable of containing billions of gifts on the inside. Of course it makes sense that the sleigh could indeed be very similar to the TARDIS, as Santa also seems to be able to slow down time to make his journey across the world in one night.

So however he does it – an ex-Star Ship Captain, former time lord or crazy genius scientist, we can all agree – it is worth it!

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