The importance of a fire safety management plan

Regardless of whether a building is occupied by residents or if it acts as business premises, all buildings should have a fire safety management plan in place, to ensure the safety of those within it.

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What does a fire safety plan do?

Fire safety management is a pivotal process in enabling safe evacuation in the event of a fire, maintaining fire safety equipment, minimising false drills and assigning fire safety responsibilities. Without an extensive plan in force, a fire in a building could lead to devastating consequences. If you are unsure whether you need a report, the Chief Fire Officers Association offers guidance on its website for risk assessments and what you, as the owner of a building, are expected to do to comply with regulations –

What can I expect from a fire risk assessment?

As part of their report, fire protection regulators will piece together a realistic safety management plan, which takes into account the size of your building, the number of persons within it and its overall fire risk. Your plan will determine the fastest evacuation procedures and routes, whilst ensuring that individuals trained in fire safety are assigned specific responsibilities in the event of an emergency. Along with ensuring a safe exit plan, they will also put in place systems to regularly check and maintain the building’s fire safety equipment.

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Who should carry out a fire risk assessment?

If you are in need of a fire risk assessment in Gloucester, there are a number of official fire protection associations who can help you. Independent consultants, such as KeloScape (, for example, are able to assist with a professional and reliable report on your building’s fire risk, and identify what processes need to be introduced to make sure that you comply with statutory regulations. With a vast knowledge of fire legislation, experienced professionals will come up with recommendations that are tailored to your premises.

Why is having a fire safety plan so important?

By being prepared for a fire on your premises, you can avoid any unnecessary injuries or casualties to employees, visitors and contractors, and also prevent costly damages to your infrastructure. If you fail to put in place an efficient fire safety management plan, you may also be at risk of being fined for breaching fire safety legislation.

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