The 5 Aquariums That Will Make You Feel Underwater

Can you imagine being in front of a fishbowl that actually looks like a real sea, where thousands of marine life, even the most dangerous ones live? Do you dare to spend your vacations watching a pond of 30 million liters of water or immerse yourself with sharks and manta ray? Those are just some of the experiences that 5 aquariums offer you that will make you feel underwater. Do you want to know what they are? Then read on!

They combine technology with nature, modernity with the most basic of marine life … they offer thousands of activities to do and they are giants. Are here…. The most amazing aquariums there are!

1. Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta (United States)

It is the largest ever created and its construction has cost a whopping … 200 million dollars! In this aquarium of 38 million liters of water live near 100,000 marine species.

It also has a gallery of activities divided into three major sectors: research areas, entertainment areas and active participation programs, aimed at animal conservation.

If you get excited, you can wear your neoprene suit and snorkel or snorkel next to whale sharks, manta rays, etc. A short time ago they incorporated two beluga whales found in the area of the Arctic seas along with dozens of seals.

2. Churaumi Aquarium, Okinawa (Japan)

It is the second largest in the world. Its large fish tank has a capacity of 7,500 m³ of water and there are 21 thousand animals (of 740 different species). To be able to marvel at the whale shark, a specimen 20 meters long and 12 thousand kilos in weight, we should simply approach the acrylic panel.

Do not worry! It is well reinforced and cannot be traversed yet by the great strength of this animal. The dimensions of the “screen” are 8 meters high by 22 meters long.

3. Ushaka Marine World, Durban (South Africa)

After a walk on the beaches of the Point neighborhood you can take a tour of the most impressive aquarium in all of Africa. A large hull of a boat awaits you at the entrance. It seems that he was taken out of a shipwreck and holds thousands of treasures, stories and ghosts. It is only a rather original design that catches the attention of all visitors.

But speaking of the aquarium in particular we must say that it has 30 ponds totaling 20,000 m³ of water. In them, there are sharks, dolphins, turtles, rockfish and hippocampi. Since you spend all day watching the marine animals, you can take advantage of something to eat at the restaurant Zulu gastronomy.

4. Aqwa Aquarium, Perth (Australia)

It is located in the west of the country. The pond is 20 meters wide and 40 meters long. In it live around 40 different species. One of the aquarium’s biggest attractions is its 90-meter acrylic tunnel. You can walk as if you were in the deepest of the seas!

It emphasizes in turn to be the one that more marine species groups. Among them we can review giant tortoises, coral reefs, rays and sharks. Its swimming pools are of cold waters of the south and warm waters of the north currents.

5. Aquarium Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

As we have been accustomed to in this part of planet, everything here is impressive and gigantic. The aquarium was not going to be the exception! It was inaugurated in 2008 and is located on the ground floor of one of the many commercial centers that Dubai offers.

About 33,000 marine species live. Among them are 400 sharks, manta rayas and the star of the show: the sand tiger shark. The main aquarium of Dubai is 51 meters high, 11 meters long and 20 meters deep.

Its capacity is 10 million liters of water. Impressive truth? Thanks to its acrylic panel we can enjoy all the aquatic diversity. In addition there is a footbridge of 48 meters that allows us a vision of 270 ° to 11 meters of the ground.

Do you still want more? You can walk in boats with glass floors or immerse yourself in the ponds by snorkeling. You can also go diving with sharks. A more amazing experience than the other!

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