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If you’ve never been to Scotland then you are missing a real gem. There are many reasons to visit Scotland, it’s a land of mystery and romance, myths and culture and a history so deep that it seems forged in the very mountains themselves. From the Romans to the mystical days of Braveheart clans and  everything in between. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should make Scotland your next destination.

Did you know that Scotland’s coastline is three times larger than England’s and twice that of France and Spain? So if rugged walks and fresh air are your thing then lace up your walking boots and get exploring. Whilst you’ve got your boots on, take a hike up one of Scotland’s many mountains. There are literally mountains of them with 282 Munros, which are peaks over 3000ft, and a load more big hills too. Are you a local business who feels that improving your website is like climbing a mountain? Think about contacting Glasgow web designer. For more information, visit

The West Highland Railway is one of the most beautiful train journeys you will ever take through this stunning, wild landscape. There is wildlife here in abundance and you’ll be amazed at the birds of prey, deer and stags on land and the dolphins and basking sharks in the sea.

There are some amazing cities to visit too, including the world famous Edinburgh, the city of culture Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee, Inverness, Stirling and Perth. Visit Edinburgh Castle, experience the fascinating tattoo or try out the incredible cultural offerings of Glasgow, famed for it’s music, arts and impressive shopping areas.

See if you can spot Nessie at Loch Ness as no trip to Scotland would be complete without an attempt to spot the mythical monster which has inspired myths and legends across the world. Scotland boasts six UNESCO World Heritage sites which is proof indeed of it’s historic credentials. These sites include Edinburgh’s Old and New Town, Hadrian’s Wall, Orkney’s prehistoric sites, St Kilda, New Lanark and the Forth Bridge.

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Nowhere does New Year’s Eve like Scotland. Called Hogmanay, it is a wonderful party and takes on an importance that’s almost bigger than Christmas. If you’re heading to the country, be sure to make your trip include the best night of the year.

If you enjoy a tipple then this is where you will find the real deal. Hundreds of distilleries make Whiskey in Scotland and they are open to the public and set in beautiful scenic countryside. If it’s quality you’re after then Scotland has it, bottles it and let’s you share it too. Tartan and Kilts are synonymous with this area and you’ll only regret it if you don’t pick up some tartan as a souvenir, preferably on a kilt but don’t forget your sporran.

For those who enjoy a good sporting activity then did you know that Golf was invented here? Scotland is also home to some of the world’s most famous courses. Many smaller, less well known courses are open to the public and are just as scenic.

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