Six public speaking tips to connect with your audience

Engaging an audience is perhaps the most important aspect of public speaking. As well as getting the audience interested in your topic, it’s essential to inform, entertain and hold the audience’s attention, as well as building an instant connection.

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Structure your talk

A presentation should have an opening, key points and a summary. Ensure the opening is memorable before you make the transition to the key messages. Always summarise so the audience will come away with information to put into action.

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Build an emotional connection with the audience

As a motivational speaker, you need to be instantly likeable from the outset. The audience is more likely to listen if they can relate to you and your message. Those listening are more likely to pay attention if you address an issue they have.

Don’t preach to listeners

It’s important to coach rather than preach. By all means, be passionate about the topic and ensure that the love comes across, but avoid appearing like a dictator. Give the audience the opportunity to listen without being tied in, and offer solutions, rather than dictating.

Tell stories to engage

Sharing stories is an integral part of a good speech. They can be personal to you, or they can simply be a story overheard which builds upon the key messages in your presentation. The audience will find this instantly relatable and they will continue to be engaged.

Always link back to the introductory line

If you begin with a strong key opening message, the audience will remember the point. As you progress through the speech, build an interesting story and link back to the initial point.

Motivational speakers inspire and entertain and if you run a business or require an inspirational speaker for your event, you can contact Adventure Man to find the right inspirational speaker for your event. According to, the most successful motivational speakers are often those who have overcome a difficult past. Joyce Meyer is an example of this, having suffered a difficult childhood.

Be yourself and tailor your style to your audience

Don’t be tempted to lose your individuality by copying other speakers. Whether it’s a large corporate gathering or a smaller business event, dress to impress, but add your personality to your clothing. Some speakers may choose to appear non-corporate which can be more endearing to the audience.

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