Review:Some Things to Consider in Signing Up for Mobile Service

Signing a contract with a mobile phone company was once a major investment, for a limited service. Now you get much more for your money and have many more options. We’ve provided a short list of the major considerations when choosing a carrier to make the task a little easier for you.

First off, you need to determine what your needs are, and also take a look at what you’d like to get from your cellular or mobile service. Contract pricing is often based on the number of minutes that are included, although many now include unlimited minutes. If you are one of those people who use your phone for business and are frequently on the line, then you will certainly benefit from the unlimited plan.

Text messaging is available on all but the cheapest phones these days. Unlimited texting is usually included in basic plans, so if you have a tight budget and can text instead of speaking, then you may do well to choose a plan with fewer minutes. Unlimited minutes are available on the more expensive plans, but these still save a lot of money over the plans that charge high per-minute rates for overages.

Internet access also adds to the monthly bill but can be extremely valuable for business users.

Because this is a contract agreement that can be expensive to get out of, you will need to shop carefully for your plan as well as your phone. If you are devoted to a particular phone model, then your choices will be limited, so go in with an open mind and consider all your choices before signing on.

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