Mouthwatering Wedding Cake Flavours

Your wedding is often described as the best day of your life, and it might well be the biggest party you’ll ever throw, so make sure it’s one to remember.

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No party is complete without a cake, and the wedding cake business has exploded in recent years with designs becoming ever more breathtaking (think metallic colours) and intricate (layers and ruffles). The Knot talks about all the latest trends in wedding cake design, but there’s more to a cake than that.


How a cake tastes is just as important, if not more so, than how it looks, so it is worth spending some time researching flavours. You might want to be a little adventurous! Make your cake different and give your guests something to talk about. Pick a single flavour across the whole cake, or try a mix-and-match approach choosing complementary or contrasting flavours on each tier.

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Sponge is a wedding cake staple because it’s easy to layer and works well with layers of buttercream and icing. Chocolate is always going to be a favourite for any cake, but you can make it extra special by upgrading to an indulgent and rich sponge in Ultimate Belgian Chocolate. Layer it with either chocolate or vanilla buttercream and enjoy!

Taking the Belgian chocolate sponge in another direction, try a caramel-infused sponge. Salted Caramel is everywhere at the moment, and why not your wedding cake? Layer the sponges with plenty of delicious caramel sauce and buttercream, also in salted caramel.

Nothing says “party” quite like champagne, so why restrict it just to the guests’ glasses? Add some strawberries and champagne flavour to a classic vanilla sponge soaked in a champagne syrup. Make it pink for a real statement!

Lemon is not everyone’s first choice of cake, especially when there’s chocolate around, but it can be a delightfully light and refreshing flavour that’s easy after a big meal and clears the palate. Depending on how lemony you want to go – maybe a single tier – infuse the sponge or go further and spread it with lemon curd.

Try a specialist business like Foodie Flavours, who have lots of unusual flavours on offer from Natural Raspberry Flavouring to Creamy Buttery Caramel and even Bubble Gum.

Whatever you decide, make sure you choose something you and your partner will be happy with.

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