Most Common Types Of Rodents

Rodents are one of the most common pests that you can find in any establishments. They can easily get inside the walls and other openings, especially if holes are present. They are also capable of chewing on sheetrock and wirings, which can result in serious damages that take money and time to repair. What’s more frustrating is that you are clueless that these damages exist. Worse, rodents are so capable of getting into your food, which can cause contamination and health hazards.

Though you may think that all rodents are the same and all nuisances, it is, however, important to know the different types of rodents since each type will require a different approach to controlling and eliminating them by a pest control in Vancouver company. If you want to eliminate these pests from your property effectively, you must be able to recognize them. Determining what their habits are will determine the methods to use to control them.

House Mouse

You can easily see signs of house mice presence by their droppings, chewed up furniture and tracks. They also leave fetid odors which can be easily detected all over the house. You can normally find their nests in closets, storage sheds and dim, undisturbed parts of the house. They are extremely small with round eyes and big ears and come in various colors. They like to eat corn, wheat, oats, and grains and will get inside your cupboard to look for these foods. But, they will eat whatever you have if circumstances call for it.

Roof Rat

Another common rodent that can be found in most homes is the roof rat. These rodents are normally black or grey in color with long tails and can be found in walls, garages, and ceilings. They prefer dim areas so they cannot be noticed. Just like many rodents, they like to eat grains, fruits, and other dried foods such as pet foods. It is important to seal your foods so the roof rats can’t get them.

Norway Rat – The Common Sewer Rat

Norway rats are much smaller compared to roof rats, reaching a maximum length of 1 foot, with furs that are normally light brown in color with an underbelly that’s white. They can easily chew through various woods and electrical wirings since they have extremely strong jaws and teeth. They normally nest in ground floors. Just like other rodents, it is vital to control or eliminate them as early as possible.

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