Make the Most of Spring

At last Spring is finally here, we have had some long sunny days and it seems that the worst of what feels like a long cold winter is behind us. We can get outdoors and start to enjoy the beautiful display that nature puts on at this time of the year. You may enjoy long summer days in the garden relaxing amongst the new Spring flowers. Bird life is also getting busy at this time of the year, and early risers are treated to the famous ‘dawn chorus’ – this is the birds getting ready to find a partner and begin building a nest for their young. If you have not experienced this, it is well worth an early morning visit at sunrise to the countryside.

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Another sign that Spring is in the air, is the trees suddenly seem to wake from their long winter sleep and become covered in green leaves, and the beautiful blossom – always a lovely reminder that sunny days are around the corner. If you have trees in your garden, it is worth taking the time to look after them, so that they can be ready year after year to produce all the beautiful Spring displays and are also a place for birds to build their nests. Wimborne tree surgeon can help with this, if your trees are in need of a bit of a health check.

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If you are wanting to get active and enjoy time outdoors and amongst nature, have a look for some nature walks that you can go on. Some routes are very scenic, and you will get to enjoy the beautiful countryside and take in the views and fresh air too. If you prefer a less wild, and more orderly side to nature, there are all sorts of flowers shows, and well-kept gardens that you can go and visit. The National Trust has a huge number of amazing places that you can visit – many of them are indoors so if we have some of those famous British April showers you can still enjoy the surroundings!

If you have a pond in your garden, now is the time to take a closer look at it. It may well be home to a huge variety of wildlife, and it is at this time of the year you may notice more activity in the pond. Frogs and toads will be on the hunt for a place to lay their eggs (spawn) – so keep an eye out under leaves at the edges of the pond for some new garden guests!

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