How to Up Your Game on the Lingerie Front Aged 50+

Just because you’ve hit 50 you don’t have to hide your sexy lingerie and start wearing granny knickers! Beautiful lingerie can be worn at any age and there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t feel gorgeous in your underwear, no matter what your birth date.


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It can however be a bit of a challenge shopping for lingerie as you get older, and you’ll often find that underwear is targeted at the younger generation. There’s hope however that this may change, and even Vogue has taken to featuring older models. These top tips will help you find the lingerie that you love when you hit 50, or 60, or even 70!

A Match Made in Heaven

Nothing says sexy, in control and in charge than a matching bra and panty set. For most woman having matching underwear is like making the bed every day, an achievement that’s so simple, yet so satisfying. A matching set can be made u of a Prima Donna Deauville brief and bra, or you can choose any other option you love.

Keep an Eye on the Details

It’s often the small things that make the biggest difference, like the quality of the underwear you buy. Prima Donna Deauville brief sets are excellent quality, as are several other options available on the market, and if you can, choose a brand you trust and know. You can always stock up on a selection of Prima Donna Deauville briefs and ensure you always feel your best.

Lift and Separate

When it comes to bras its time to think about real support. Lingerie should look great, but it must also work in the way its intended to, too. A decent bra will offer support in all the right places and create a gorgeous cleavage that deserves to be shown off a bit. A proper bra fitting will make al the difference and then you can opt for fabrics that are luxurious, sensuous and suited to your preferences.

Be Bold

Lingerie can be empowering and as we get older we also feel a bit more invisible. Our final tip is to wear bold colours, bright patterns or anything else that makes you feel fab! It can be your secret but it will give you added confidence, just the way lingerie should!

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