How to find a good roofing contractor

A solid roof is an essential part of the home; it shelters occupants and protects from the outside elements.

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Roofs aren’t cheap, and it is vital to choose your contractor very carefully.

It is wise to check their work before employing them, whilst ensuring you choose a roofer that has a good reputation for workmanship and reliability. This will greatly reduce the probability of problems arising during the roofing project.

Create a shortlist of contractors

Create a shortlist of up to three potential contractors to carry out the job. Begin by asking neighbours, friends and family for recommendations or search on a reputable trade association website such as The National Federation of Roofing Contractors or Rated People.

Talk to potential contractors

Once you have your shortlist, contact each contractor and find out which materials they suggest for the job. Invite quotes from each, but do not necessarily choose the cheapest option. Your choice should be based on your confidence in the roofer, and the quality of advice they provide.

Ensure that the estimate or quote is given in writing, but bear in mind that refurbishment work estimates can change when the slates or tiles are removed and the sub-structure underneath is exposed.

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Ask for a guarantee on the work

It is wise to have a guarantee on any refurbishment undertaken. Organisations such as NFRC offer guarantee schemes which back up and are also independent of the contractor’s work. Even the most reliable of contractors can close up business due to any number of unexpected events, making guarantees on their work worthless.

Agree payment terms

Before any work commences, agree payment terms with your contractor. Be cautious with any upfront payments and find out what you are getting for each payment. It can often be difficult to get any money back.

Be wary of any contractors also offering VAT-free or cash deals as they are not easily apprehended if things go awry.

Remember that as a property owner you are responsible for obtaining any planning permission required to complete the project. If you are undertaking a refurbishment of a minimum of 50% of the roof then your Local Authority Building Control or Competent Roofer Scheme must be contacted.

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