How to choose your new windows

Whether you’re replacing windows, or choosing the right style for a new build, the range can be overwhelming. If you’re clear on the effect you want to create, you can choose from a wide range of materials and styles. Read on for our guide to choosing new windows.


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Timber windows

Choose softwood for the budget option and hardwood for the most durable frames. Timber frames are the hard-wearing and sustainable choice, but do require regular maintenance to keep them looking good.

Composite windows

These offer the good looks of timber internally with a weatherproof capping to make them highly durable. This option is popular in countries with a harsh climate but they can be expensive.

Metal frames

Not as thermally efficient as wood, metal frames have the advantage of being durable and producing finer frames than other materials. If you want a contemporary, edge to edge glazing look, choose aluminium.

Plastic windows

These are the fit and forget option. Low maintenance, weatherproof and durable, UPVC frames are even shedding their eco-unfriendly tag, thanks to the use of recycled plastic.

Where can I find a trusted window supplier in Dublin?

If you’re looking for a trusted window supplier in Dublin, research online to find the widest range of UPVC frames and styles from a reputable supplier, and ask friends for recommendations.

What’s the best window frame style for you?

Casement windows are the traditional option and come in single panes, split casements and multi pane styles. These are usually the cheapest option and suit any style of building.

Tilt and turn windows open inwards and are best suited to contemporary designs. They offer good ventilation with security and are a smart choice for flats, as they can be cleaned easily, inside and out.

Sash windows are the elegant option, and can look surprisingly good on modern homes. Choose double glazed units from a trusted window supplier in Dublin for best results.

Some useful hints and tips

Use price per square metre to make a price comparison
Consider the style of your property
Go for the best energy efficient double glazing you can afford
Consider composite windows for coastal properties
You can use uPVC timber-effect frames on a period property, but expect to pay more for quality timber-effect frames
Aluminium will give a contemporary edge to edge look.

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