How to choose the right holiday home

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and buy a holiday home, there are a few things you need to consider for making the best decision on which home you choose. If you have a few properties in mind, it might be worth making a list of the following factors and comparing each property before making a decision.


By far the most important factor is the location of the holiday let. This will be one of the greatest influences over the success of the venture. Not only do you need to consider if the home is in a desirable location but also whether it is close to essential amenities such as a shop selling food, restaurants and pubs. Does the plot have a desirable landscape? Is there an enclosed garden or courtyard, sea views or a location close to a major tourist attraction?

For rural retreats, think about whether there is access to public footpaths and how far the nearest amenities are. Many guests desire an internet connection nowadays, so find out if there is an existing connection or how easily one can be installed.


As well as the usual suspects when it comes to desirability – such as picture postcard views, beachfront location, city centre, lakeside or forest surroundings – you’ll want to think about ease of accessibility from a transport network point of view and year-round weather conditions as well.

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If you’re seeking a holiday let in a highly desirable location, then competition will be fierce for bookings. Try to find a property that offers something a little unique and different to what others are offering. Are there any unique selling points? Perhaps choose a location away from the mass of tourists and tap into the market for those looking to escape into a quiet, secluded rural retreat. For Park Homes Gloucestershire, visit

Added Extras

It’s easier to buy a property that is all ready to advertise and take bookings. Whilst you can make changes to the home once you’ve purchased it, it will save time and money if you find one that already has those desirable added extras that guests desire. These include features such as hot tubs, swimming pools, gardens, log fires, play area and games room. These features attract a higher rental and increased bookings.

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Number of Guests versus Space

This is a tricky one that you’ll want to give some thought to. Do you put in the maximum number of beds to secure family bookings or keep beds to a minimum and allow guests to enjoy the space? One of the luxuries of a UK break is to stay somewhere that’s larger and more relaxing than where you live. Keeping party size down and focusing on space will also attract more couples bookings. Couples bookings benefit from being all year round as they are not beholden to school holiday dates. Family properties on the other hand do better during the peak times, so it’s a decision you’ll need to weigh carefully.

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