Garden projects to inspire for autumn

Around this time of year, many of us go into a pre-winter slump when it comes to garden work. There are many good reasons for this – the activities in spring and summer seem to produce so many easy and colourful results and the following seasons simply don’t deliver so much enjoyment. However, there are plenty of projects you can get on with in autumn and winter that are out of the question in summer. So why not take advantage of the cooler weather and get started?

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Tree trimming and clearing

The first task most of us turn too in autumn is tree trimming. Once the leaves have fallen and the branches are bare, you can be sure the sticky summer sap has receded downwards and shaping can begin. Now is the perfect time to cut back, reshape and remove trees from your property. A reshaping project can ensure light reaches your garden in the summer months or it can be implemented as part of a larger garden design project.

Introduce a pond

If you have big projects on your horizon, such as a pond, autumn is the ideal time to get started. Starting in summer is too early and will cut into the time you have to enjoy your garden, but once the sun has lost its charm, you can head out and get digging. Many gardeners underestimate the sheer volume of earth a pond excavation creates and find themselves with a huge mound of rubble to dispose of. Once you dig under the topsoil, the earth beneath is not suitable for planting and needs to be removed.

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Decking Maintenance

This is also the time of year when any decking will need to be treated and repaired. Damaged decking is more than just an eyesore, it can lead to accidents too. It’s best to check the stability of each piece and tear up any damaged decking. A skip company such as Pendragon Carmarthenshire, who are specialists in skip hire in Swansea, can help you get rid of any rotten wood. If your decking is relatively new, you’ll want to keep it in good condition by treating it before the cold wet months close in.

After your projects are complete, you can’t just sit back and wait for summer. Once spring arrives, so will the real gardening work.

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