Four Web Design Tips to Increase Conversion Rates

The importance of investing in a considered, functional and intuitive website design cannot be overstated. As one of your most important digital assets, your website must be built to house important information, appeal to your target audience and successfully convert visitors into customers in numbers that will allow your business to thrive.

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Invest in a Fully Responsive Website Design

Mobile currently accounts for more than 51% of global traffic, which is a notable rise from 31% in 2015. It is therefore imperative to invest in a design that is fully responsive to a variety of screen sizes and functions seamlessly when accessed via a range of browsers.

If your visitors have a poor user experience, they will simply look elsewhere for the information they are seeking. Don’t risk undermining the ability of your business to connect with your audience and showcase precisely how your products or services will enhance their lives.

Use Inviting Visuals

Most consumers will respond more favourably to visual images than to a large block of text. Utilising well-chosen images will enhance your website, provide your audience with an augmented idea of who you are and what you do, and help you to explain details of your products or services that might be the deciding factor for successfully converting a visitor into a lead or a sale.

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Professional Gloucester website designers, such as the team that can be found at, will understand how to integrate engaging visuals into your site without compromising on performance.

Considered Calls-to-Action

As the primary aim of driving traffic to your site is to convert visitors into customers, implementing carefully considered calls-to-action that can’t be ignored is key. As everything from the design to the positioning of your call-to-action will impact its effectiveness, it is important to utilise all available analytics and data to ensure the correct decisions have been made.

Reviews and Testimonials

Consumers want to gain an insight into the experiences of other consumers before they make a final purchasing decision. Clearly displaying reviews and testimonials on your website will help you to establish a connection with your audience that is based on trust and authenticity. Compiling a series of genuine customer reviews for your business will help you to enhance your conversion rates, so making it simple for your customers to share their feedback is crucial.

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