Five things every commercial washroom needs

Whatever kind of business you own, you need to approach your washroom facility with as much attention as your main storefront. If there is a chance a customer will use your washroom, it will be reviewed and reported on in just the same way as your product or service offering.

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Let’s take a look at five things a washroom supplier in Gloucester will encourage you to consider for your commercial washroom.

Toilet roll dispenser

This could be one of the most important things in the bathroom. It is useful to consider the size of the dispenser and how often the roll will need to be replaced in addition to its hygiene factor. Many dispensers are made from materials incorporating anti-bacterial properties, making them easier to clean and helping to keep germs at bay.

Soap dispenser

Many small establishments find it easier to stock the bathroom with shop-bought soap bottles; however, in the long run, this can prove expensive and messy. Options to consider include wall-mounted dispensers and particularly the automatic no-touch type, which is much more hygienic. A Washroom supplier in Gloucestershire will offer a good range of dispensers.

Hand drying facilities

The two options here are hand dryer and paper towel, with much of the choice coming down to your preference. Electric dryers can be tidier, but it might be said that paper towels are better hygienically. When all is said and done, it is down to how you prefer to keep your bathroom.

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Baby change facility

This is another important must-have in most establishments. A pull-down baby changing table goes a long way towards making sure that your business is favoured by families and parents. A washroom supplier in Gloucestershire will be able to help you to make the decision on what equipment is needed to provide a hygienic and safe service for baby changing.


We have covered the basics, but there is nothing like a pleasant-smelling bathroom to ensure you get top marks from customers who visit your services. Air fresheners can be strategically placed and set to release perfume at set intervals in the day to make sure your washroom is smelling as good as it looks.

Putting some thought into the ease of use and hygiene factors of your corporate washroom will go a long way towards providing customer satisfaction.

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