The rules to show off a perfect outfit

I have already tired! With the number of men who wear suits and carry, they know how badly most. In addition, uses the dictatorship of evil dress, it is the time that we begin to talk on equal terms with as a menswear is concerned. A fast track would make national sport, so sure would succeed in the entire world. However, as it is not our case we will do it the old-fashioned way, learning. To do this we will draw up a definitive list but staff with the 10 rules that in my opinion must be met when a traditional set dress like this deserves.

Before starting, we remove the proud children who carry within us as surely there some rule that we overlooked. Although I doubt it because we all knew from the beginning to end and we do not need for anything “wink”wink”.

Well, have ye wanted to see them? If The latter was you screaming with joy and commotion, but surely you are serious looking at the screen, it is that my head is saturated so fashionable and no longer works.

Rule # 1 – The button always unbuttoned

Always, always, always you go unbuttoned the bottom button of American, then the others depend largely on the number of these. If you have, three buttons belted the middle and the upper like each stop, if two is unclear what buttoning right? The superior!

Rule # 2 – The shoulder pad

You never stand the hombre fall shoulder. When this happens, it produces a ghastly wrinkle spoil the whole.

Also otherwise, never get into territory sleeve must shoulder as they have territorial problems and who knows if a conflict may erupt.

Rule # 3 – Shirt sleeves always will hover by

You should always be at least one or two fingers protruding from your shirt sleeve jacket. If there is no trace of the shirt, we are something we are doing wrong.

Rule # 4 – The rule of thumb

Do you want to know what the perfect length for the jacket? It is simple, put your hands on the sides of the body and under must legate about half of the thumb.

Rules # 5 – What little like and how much tired

We refer to wrinkles! If there are too many wrinkles in the sleeves, shoulders or any part of the suit is that something is wrong. The cause is easy to detect, or you are small or big you are.

Besides those unwanted wrinkles city much too buttoning jacket, if they stand out for their abundance it is to get up early to go running, know what I mean.

Rules # 6 – The perfect low

Here we have a problem as the personal taste makes a dent in this section. A one likes to teach more sock and others hardly anything but although all depends on taste, there are limits that can never be passed.

The rules to show off a perfect outfit

In the low, it is very typical and it is a clear symbol that you bought the pants and you will not have been so hard picking set low in a dressmaker?

Rule # 7 – When you feel, buttons off

There is no exception and when you feel quickly, unbutton deftly buttons American. It will be a silly but no gesture that I like more than to sit while at the same time and with one hand I open the buttonhole, call me traditional if you like.

Rules # 8 – Create contrast hue

Please, combinations of dark jackets and black shirts leave them for high school graduations and I am sorry to say, but that is not “cool”. There is nothing better than the brightness of a white shirt with a dark suit.

Rules # 9 – Let the black for waiters

Continuing with this gloomy colored reiterate that the set of black suit, white shirt and black tie is fine if you’re a waiter at a wedding but take on a daily only will want to ask you a gin and tonic.

Rule # 10 – Say YES to supplements

Are increasingly put in place and either the handkerchief, the pin on the lapel or the same sunglasses have to introduce them into our building looks a little contrast.

Though you believed that if it’s okay, is not entirely advisable to combine the handkerchief tie really let’s so easy?

One suit, four ‘all looks’ different party

In full holiday season social events, family parties, and even business dinners pile up. In short, we must be prepared. Therefore, we want to give you a hand with our special style. Today, continuing with the looks of the party, I love this idea suggest that part of the base to invest in a basic suit and combine in four different color combinations and style. That is, to try to make the best possible performance.

To perform these four proposals I selected a basic suit H & M a simple and economical set that can benefit substantially. The top is a dinner jacket slim fitting with rounded lapels, and the pants are a basic dress up game. Although you can decanters any other suit or tuxedo similar to your liking, that said, here are the four original style suggestions that I thought for the holidays.

Style dandy

For the first look, I was inspired by the dandy style, and for this, I propose this stylish outfit playing mixing different textures and various patterns together. To do this, I bet address shirt cotton slim fit Italian collar and double fist Scalpers. The shirt is perfect to wear with twins, so I propose these from resin scale blue tones, an accessory that stands for drawing as an organic stripes and silver and rhodium plated closure, you can find it in Solo.

To give a more stately air to the set I did not want to forget the scarf flap, east of Topman silk burgundy accents tone color ink you will perfect the look. The fun finishing touch: thin straps with micro tops H & M. Finally, we fit the look with some original shoes shoetree pointed Topman, distinguished by an interesting gradient effect.

At point silver

For the second look, I wanted to include the tendency of metallized. Therefore, I propose these bold slippers silvery skin. To reinforce style, shirt Topman cutting slim also carries metallic accents on the collar.

The tiepin can be used as a brooch on the lapel, thus giving a more romantic to touch outfit. The most sophisticated point look what gives this scarf flaccid silk of black and white Paul Smith? In addition, to finish this fedora style Brixton, which also includes a metal sheet, the accessories that give the most elegant touch to the proposal.

Emerald Elegance

As we told you in a previous post, the emerald is already a favorite color, not what we say, it says, “color bible” Pantone. So I propose the same tuxedo jacket H & M of this version is available in a bold tone emerald green. To combine I opted for one shirt, Paul Smith.

The touch of what label we provide with a silk sash burgundy of the British firm Moss. The most of the whole are definitely the bow tie textured silk -print pattern paisley of Solo. The twins silver are of the same firm the look what we fit one basic patent leather shoes Topman.

We help you to choose your work looks elegant to keep going

Just keep working when the warm weather arrives, it is a real headache because we do not know how to dress elegantly and yet fresh. Is it possible to meet the requirements of an office with dress according to 35 degrees? If you think not, read this article, which will come in very well.

How to wear your jacket

As much as it hurts us, the summer, especially the south, is not to show off tie every day in the office. Maybe in your workplace have an air conditioner that saves your life, but you might also are from here to there meeting or you work outside or a thousand things to do that you cannot afford to go well. What if you could wear short sleeve polo shirt under your jacket?

In addition, it is not only the choice of the pole. You can also combine the jacket with linen shirts or even if you dare. If the office environment or your work allows you to relax a little dress code during the summer, you can bet on shirts sailor stripes, you get a fresh touch without leave the formal touch that is required for a job.

Ankles sight

In summer, socks should already be more than relegated to the bottom drawer of the nightstand. Take advantage of these hot months to look ankles even in the office. What shoes? Well, I would bet on the moccasins, which are comfortable, stylish and very cool for this time of year.

If you think you can risk a little more, you can always pull the espadrilles, which is well combined, give an elegant and cool touch to the whole. This proposal is Zara and has all the ingredients to create a look often. Would you dare?


The poles are a worthy option to consider when the heat, especially because you can go pretty elegant yet fresh thanks to the short sleeve. The choice of short-sleeved shirt is riskier and, therefore, do not recommend it in principle and in general for everyone. If you are tempted to use short shirt but do not know exactly how and afraid to do a little ridiculous, it is best to bet on poles neutral and plain colors or with small details. Further, as we said before, let you save them with jacket over giving a clean and elegant result.


Sunglasses are the icing on the cake that requires all office look. If you have many meetings in different parts of the city, the best friends you can take are good sunglasses. There are many tracks available, look that ones are best for you, but for the office, we were definitely with Club masters, the Wayfarer and of round-rimmed.

White pants

Summer is the time to take out of the closet the freshest and natural looks, so the best thing to do (since you cannot go to the beach on vacation) is to get a good pair of white pants with those who feel that although it or not, you are in summer. They are very versatile because they combine with any color and garment both poles as shirts and jackets.

Clear costumes

If you have no choice but to go in costume because you prefer not to run the risk that your boss gives you the heart to enter the door, you always comfort to wear suits in light colors or more striking is that the winter. Might be good choices the pastel colors, the beige or blue on a lighter than the classic marine range.

What do you think our ideas? What clothes do you use to go to work now?

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