Facebook Advertising Secrets To Not Lose Your Shirt

Facebook is revolutionizing the pay-per-click industry and making a lot of smart marketers rich. If you don’t know what you’re doing in Facebook advertising though you’ll easily lose hundreds of dollars. In this short article, you’ll learn a few tricks to get you started and prevent the new marketer mistakes that will lose you lots of money.

Of course, you have to get a Facebook account to start using the advertising side. Once you’re in your profile scroll down to the bottom to find a link named advertising. When you get set-up in the ad area with your credit card you’ll see how to start your first ad. Choose the niche you’re targeting, the photo you’ll use in your ad, and write your ad copy. Stay within Facebook ad standards by making your photo 110×80 in dimensions. Use a 7-pixel thick red border around your photo to make it stand out from all the other ads on Facebook.

Target your niche audience by going to a site called Quantcast. Put your website into the box at Quantcast to get a demographic breakdown. The bar graphs at the bottom you want to focus on are Age, Sex, and Education. Input all the demographic information you found in your targeting fields. Only choose one country at a time in the region box. If you choose more than one country you’ll pay lots more per click.

Your goal is to be as targeted as possible in your ads, so you don’t pay so much per click. Try to limit your audience to either male or female, but if you can’t then just target them all. The audience box on the right hand of the screen should be between 5,000 and 20,000 when you’re finished, the lower the better of course. Once you’ve got all that right where you want it you’ll see two radio buttons at the bottom, CPM, and CPC always chooses CPM. Always bid 5 cents more than the lowest suggested bid by Facebook.

That’s it, it’s not hard to lower your overhead, and increase your profit with the methods in this article. Once you get started you’ll see the power and money this will bring you. If your ads are costing too much don’t be afraid to pause them until you come up with a more targeted niche, then once you do it enough you’ll be able to sense what’s right.

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