Buying the Right Makeup Set

When it comes to buying a makeup set there are various components that you need to have. These include of course all of your makeup products, but it should also include a quality makeup brush set. Ideally you should buy your makeup brushes from a professional beauty salon supplier, for a few reasons.

As a professional makeup artist you need the very best of the tools of your trade. You can have the best cosmetic products in the world, and you can have mastered all of the application techniques, but if you don’t have the right tools then your work is going to be inferior.

You are already aware that you need several different types of brushes that should be in your makeup set. A good quality selection of brushes is actually composed of twelve different types.

Aside from these brushes being used by the professional makeup artist they are very important to the individual who wants to look her best when it comes to her makeup application. Choosing quality brushes at a reasonable price should be a top priority for anyone who wears makeup as well as those who make a living at it.


The right makeup set of brushes should have brushes that are made with various materials for the hairs. Some should be made of wool while others need to be comprised of nylon. Pony hair is also another very important component that some makeup brushes should be comprised of, like an angled eye shadow brush. The various hair components allow for the proper application of the various types of makeup. Some makeup items require a stiffer bristle brush while others perform better when applied with a soft brush.

The right makeup set when looking at the brushes should also include the proper storage container for keeping the brushes protected properly when not in use.

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