Sex every day? 6 Benefits for your physical, mental and emotional health

Besides the obvious things like love, pleasure and have children, the daily sex has many benefits for health among the best known are the body relaxation and strengthening the heart. But science has explored in more depth on this issue and found out more about the help that daily sex gives our welfare.

Learn more about the benefits of daily sex.

# 6 I kept in shape

A study published by the scientific journal PLOS ensures that you can burn up to 4 calories per minute for men and 3 for women during sex. In one year, if you have sex twice a week we could get rid of 5,000 calories.

Sex every day

# 5 It keeps you young

Sex helps you maintain high levels of DHEA, a natural steroid known as the anti-aging that helps keep the body fit and young hormone.

# 4 You become healthier

Brigham Young University found that women Sex helps lower arterial pressure.

# 3 will have a wonderful skin

Sex is a kind of aerobic exercise that helps increase oxygen levels in the blood and the body and causes nutrients that benefit the skin come to the surface faster.

# 2 happier you

People who have sex almost waking are more optimistic for the rest of the day, plus your immune system is stronger.

# 1 decrease menstrual cramps

The theory is that muscle contractions that occur when women are in their period can be reduced thanks to the excitement that causes muscle tension relieving suffering uterus in those days.

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