Five more ways to bring personality into your living space

Your home should be a place of fun and relaxation – somewhere you can host guests and enjoy family time. You can put your personal stamp on it by using colours, accessories and details to create a unique harmonious effect, so let’s look at some ideas.

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1 Configure your rooms

While a previous tenant might have used one room as a second bedroom, you don’t have to. You can create the space of your dreams with a little planning.

Consider making a sanctuary for your children to play in or have a study or indoor gym, which will involve buying equipment. Alternatively, a second bedroom could be used as a guest room, library or dressing room.

Vintage furniture can be matched with modern pieces for a unique personalised look. Vintage Furniture suggestions can be found online if you need some inspiration.

2 Showcase your accomplishments

If you are feeling depressed, displaying your accomplishments can boost your mood. Medals, diplomas, self-made pottery and artwork can all be put on display to remind you of the qualities that make you shine. Be proud that you have a home space where you can enjoy beauty and safety every day.

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3 Small touches make a room

Characterful items and small tokens embody your life story. When displayed around your living space, they create a feeling of safety and aesthetic harmony.

Small details are key, from a personalised coffee mug to painted pottery, table centrepieces and scented candles. Throws and pillows can add a finishing touch.

4 Introduce memorabilia

If you feel out of place or stressed, sentimental items can help you to feel grounded. Cherished memorabilia, including paintings, can be put in a frame to remember happy times. Perhaps you have kept a memorable concert ticket or want to display a college diploma.

Album covers, or art accumulated on your travels, can also convey sentimental value. Make a feature of your own artefacts that bring a feeling of safety and comfort.

5 Jazz up your entrance

When going into your home, you should feel relaxed, warm and welcomed; however, hallways can often be boring and nondescript. One of the best ways to improve a hallway is to create a gallery of photos of friends and family, which is inviting and immediately sets an upbeat mood.

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